Our story

About the company

All started with us looking for the joy of meeting new and interesting people and with that, Mi Casa Tu Casa was born.

It is our unique privilege to help guests experience the perfect stay in Norway. Whether you’re looking for a quiet escape in a quaint neighbourhood or a lively getaway in the centre of the action, let us help you find accommodations to suit your needs. 

We’ve noticed that a lot of property owners struggle with the day by day tasks of managing their properties. Dealing with cleaning, schedule, communication, maintenance all those tasks that rentals are required was a hassle that some of our clients don’t want in their lives.

There is where our business come to help. We want you to have the peace of mind that your beloved apartment or any property you want to rent out, it is in good hands.

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Our Mission is to to give you Peace of Mind

Easy for guests. Easy for owners. Easy for everyone who works wit MiCasaTuCasa. Vacation gives us the chance to reconnect with who we love and what we love. To dive into new sides of ourselves. To feel lighter.

That vacation feeling is a powerful thing, and we want to create more of it. That’s why it’s our mission to make vacation rental easy for everyone.